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About Us


Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are a new class of engineered systems that integrate computation and physical processes in a dynamic environment. CPS encompasses technology areas of Cybernetics, Mechatronics, Design and Embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and many more. The CPS systems are intelligent, autonomous, and efficient and are expected to drive innovation in sectors as diverse as agriculture, water, energy, transportation, infrastructure, security, health, and manufacturing. Thus, it is heralded as the next paradigm shift in technology that can exponentially spur growth and technology-led economic development.

To harness the potential of this new wave of technology and make India a leading player in CPS, the Union Cabinet approved the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS) to be implemented by DST with a total outlay of Rs.3660 crore for a period of five years. The Mission aims to create a strong foundation and a seamless ecosystem for CPS technologies by coordinating and integrating nationwide efforts encompassing knowledge generation, translation research, technology, product development, human resource development, innovation &commercialization standards, and international collaborations. The Mission is implemented through a network of 25 Technology Innovation Hubs (TIHs) established across the country. Each hub will follow a technology life cycle approach, addressing all stages viz—Knowledge-Development-Translation-Commercialization in their assigned Technology Vertical. The hubs will be equipped and supported to function independently as stand-alone entities. However, they would leverage each other’s strengths and power of collaboration to produce synergistic outcomes. The NM-ICPS Detailed Project Report (DPR) shall be an overall guiding document for the Mission and Hubs.


Positioning and Precision Technologies (PPTs) are indispensable tools for monitoring, integrating, and analyzing spatially and temporally distributed resources to aid in effective decision-making across multiple domains. These technologies include remote sensing (non-invasive), Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). The Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) on PPT will provide a unique platform for researchers, industries, stakeholders and end-users across multiple disciplines. The TIH aims to become a top contributor to many Government of India initiatives such as Make in India, Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan, and Start-up Ecosystem making India a self-reliant in PPT. The TIH will follow a technology life cycle approach, addressing all stages viz. Knowledge-Development-Translation-Commercialization in the PPT Technologies. Besides, the TIH will align with the country’s broad objective of using GIS as an essential component for empowering citizens and bringing inclusive growth by mapping, monitoring, and analyzing the interplay between the various socio-economic factors that supports the sustainable development of the country. In addition, the Hub will primarily focus on Public Private Partnership (PPP) model to generate revenue through:
  • Research and development sponsorship from industries, government and start-ups in the form of innovative products and services in PPT
  • linkage with industries, accelerators and Venture Capital to create funding ecosystem
  • training and consulting
  • standards development and policy creation for rapid adaptation of PPT across various stakeholders
  • databank creation across strategic areas of PPT.
The TIH on PPT will find and nurture new and innovative solutions for the interconnected grand problems in Positioning and Precision Technology which include applications of precision timing and positioning devices (atomic clocks), precision sensors for air/water/soil monitoring and remote sensing applications to terrain mapping, monitoring of agricultural and natural resources development, management and conservation and also towards addressing challenges related to disaster management.
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