Disaster Management

For collaborating with IITTNiF on Disaster Management related activities, the personnels from Academic Institutions/Research Organizations/Industries can submit the details here

Disaster Management is one prime application area, dealing with Landslides, Earthquakes, Floods, etc. The TIH on Positioning and Precision Technologies (PPT) will find and nurture new and innovative solutions with the use of Geospatial tools, Image processing, Data Science, and allied tools etc. to address the challenges related to disaster management. 
ITTNiF provides a unique platform for researchers, industries, stakeholders and end-users to work together across various core areas and applied areas through various programs and financial support on four domains: Technology Development, Start-ups and Entrepreneurship, Human Resource & Skill Development, and International Collaborations.
  • Funding the projects with a focus on Technology Development using Positioning and Precision Technologies (PPT).
  • Providing a platform for collaboration among various stakeholders.
  • Facilitating an ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurship.

  • Organizing Human resource & Skill development programs etc.
Will be updated soon.
  • Prof. A. Murali Krishna, Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, IIT Tirupati (Faculty Coordinator).
  • Dr. Avadh Bihari Narayan, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, IIT Tirupati.
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