Startups and Entrepreneurship

With technology development being one aspect of this IITTNIF, the commercialization of these technologies and introducing new business players in the broad areas of Position and Precision Technology to the world is another important goal of this IITTNiF. To achieve this the hub will encourage both the young and experienced entrepreneurs who are working on the cutting-edge Position and Precision Technology development and envisages to be the destination for launching their dream ventures. DST NM-ICPS -IITTNiF importantly focuses on the research, design, and development of Position and Precision Technology and systems. With synergistic industry and academic collaborations, the hub aims at realizing the utilization of PPT.

  • Promotion and Acceleration of Young and Aspiring Technology Entrepreneurs ( PRAYAS )
  • Entrepreneur in Residence ( EIR )
  • Seed Support System ( SSS )
  • Dedicated Innovation Accelerator ( DIAL )

VIKAS Incubation Program

The VIKAS Program at IIT Tirupati Navavishkar I-Hub Foundation aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship by providing startups with a supportive ecosystem. The program focuses on facilitating the development of technology-driven businesses through structured guidance, access to resources, and a collaborative community. The program is designed to support startups by providing essential non-financial resources crucial for early-stage development. The program focuses on fostering innovation through access to workspace, expert mentorship, and a network of industry and academic professionals.
The primary objective of the VIKAS Program is to assist startups in reaching their developmental milestones by providing:
  • A collaborative workspace environment.
  • Guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts.
  • Networking opportunities with potential investors, partners, and customers.
Eligibility Criteria
Startups that are:
  • Part of the IITTNiF incubation ecosystem.
  • Focused on technology-driven products or services.
  • Demonstrating potential for significant impact in their respective fields.
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